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Expert Payroll Services in Houston

Let Touma Taxes be your partner in payroll services in Houston, TX. Our team of experienced professionals has a successful track record in the field, and offers our clients an unmatched degree of expertise.

Touma Taxes realizes that in Houston, where there are a lot of all kinds of business people to be found, every type requires an appropriate payroll service solution. We specialize in payroll services but take the long view; it’s not just about routine processing–we give you an industry-wise, compliant and even client-friendly service. Everyone needs a payroll Whether you are a one-man shop or an established company, our solutions fit the payroll requirements of your particular industry.

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We’re the first stop for payroll service in Houston. But our localization involves much more than convenience-we know the rules of the game. We have many years of experience with businesses in all sectors, and we know a lot about Houston’s business climate.

Our payroll services in Houston, however, consider the complexities of local tax laws and regulations governing industrial compliance requirements as well as variations between individual firms with respect to human resource needs. We offer everything from accurate payroll calculation to detailed reporting, whatever will make your day a little greener.

Touma Taxes, your partner in business As the adage goes, when you’re hiring people to handle payroll for your Houston company it pays to hire professionals.

Looking for Payroll Processing Near Me?

With local operations, we can provide on-the-spot assistance and special attention. We’re familiar with the special payroll needs of businesses in the area and we are prepared to provide speedy payroll processing solutions for your company.

Our Comprehensive Payroll Process

A combination of the best industry experience, highly specialized payroll service solutions and under-the-hood technology is what will get your business off on a smooth financial footing.

Data Collection

We gather all the payroll data needed, such as employee hours, salary and bonuses figures etc.


To ensure accurate payrolls, our expert team systematically calculates gross pay and deductions to the cents.

Tax Withholdings

All tax withholdings are taken care of, and we certainly abide by the federal, state and local requirements in Austin.

Direct Deposits

Our direct deposit service enables us to participate in streamlining payments and guarantee that compensations are made promptly but safely.


Touma Taxes also keeps meticulous paper records of the payroll transactions, so you have a ready audit trail at your disposal if needed.

Employee Self-Service

Give workers a convenient way to access their own pay stubs, tax documents and update personal information.

Best Payroll Services Near Me

Discover the advantages of a nearby payroll service with Touma Taxes. But our localized approach provides you with the service of being accessible and responsive, so that your payroll requirements will be satisfied in a timely manner.

Precision in Processing

We process everything from employee compensation to deductions, upholding local and federal regulations along the way.

Customized Solutions

Our payroll service solution cannot be suited to every company; these solutions must fit within the context of your professional field, business scale and needs.

Compliance Assurance

You need not worry about being too close to the line, or biting off more than you can chew. Touma Taxes guides and facilitates operations that meet specific compliance regulations with minimal risks.

Employee Benefits Management

Whether it's healthcare contributions or retirement generation, Touma taxes can help you handle the administration of employee benefits so as to create a pleasant working environment.

Advanced Reporting

Robust payroll reporting We offer comprehensive reports on all salary, tax and other expenses to help you decide what is best for your company's future.

Payroll Services US Austin

Discover unparalleled payroll excellence with Touma Taxes, your trusted partner for Payroll Services in the US, Austin. We do more than handle payroll; we’re also your guide through the paperwork burden of payroll management.

Best Payroll Services Solution

From tax compliance to customized reporting, our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and elevate your payroll processes. Our payroll services solution offered is the best to hire for peace of mind. This insistence on quality, combined with sophisticated technology guarantees accuracy and reliability. We are also the first choice for companies that need payroll services of a high level.

Our specialized payroll service in Houston is backed by years of industry knowledge and experience. No matter whether you are a small-scale operation or an enterprise, our people know the ins and outs of business, so that your payroll can rest at ease in well qualified hands.

Choose the top payroll services company–Touma Taxes. If you would like to outsourced your payroll management, today is the day.